SOTA 2016 | Miross


Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade

We kindly ask from presenters to deliver their presentations 2 hours before their lecture time to technicians in lecturers room or working hall.

Dear colleagues, dear friends, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you on behalf of the Serbian Orthopedic Trauma Association (SOTA) to the Fifth SOTA Congress to be held between 13 and 15 October 2016 in Belgrade.

We invite you to this Congress since it has a special significance. It is organized together with the EFFORT (European Federation of National Alliance of orthopedics and traumatology) as well as the first meeting ESTROT (Evrospkog Association for tissue regeneration in orthopedics and traumatology) in our region. ESTROT has a special significance at the present time because it promotes a new aspect of the biological treatment of orthopedic diseases and injuries.

Since the founding of our organization in June 2007, we hosted four very successful congresses. Organizing the fifth SOTA Congress in these difficult times reiterates the need for an association of orthopaedic surgeons and traumatologists of Serbia. This congress is a result of a long and hard work and our desire to bring us together and steer us towards the common goal – a more successful treatment of our patients.
We hope this congress with international participation will provide an opportunity for the selfless sharing and dissemination of new knowledge and experience, creative discussion and new friendships.

As President of the Serbian Orthopaedic Trauma Association, I have a pleasant duty to warmly welcome you to the 5th SOTA Congress and wish you success in future work, plenty of new contacts and enjoyable socializing in the beautiful Belgrade.

Prof. dr Marko Bumbaširević

President of the 5th SOTA Congress 2016, Prof. MD Marko Bumbasirevic