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Welcome note

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is my great honor to announce the XVII International symposium “Modern trends in gynecology and obstetrics”, organized by Association of gynecologists and obstetricians of Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska (UGOSCGRS). Symposium will be held in the “Metropol Palace“ Hotel (Belgrade, Serbia) on 18th and 19th September 2015.

Association UGOSCGRS is a professional organization of gynecologists and obstetricians of Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Srpska. Association was founded from the previously existing association of gynecologists and obstetricians of Yugoslavia (UGOJ) operating from 1956. Association has held, in its previous history, 16 International Congresses and 14 International Symposiums.

The XVII International symposium “Modern trends in gynecology and obstetrics” is organized under the honorable patronage of Mr. Tomislav Nikolić, President of Republic of Serbia and general patronage of Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia and Minister Ass. dr. Zlatibor Lončar.

Bearing in mind, that networking and exchange of experience in the region, Europe and worldwide is our main goal, it has been decided that the main topic of this meeting will be new and modern trends and practices in gynecology and obstetrics for which we managed to secure significant number of well- known lecturers worldwide.

Lectures will be held by well-known worldwide experts, such as: Prof. dr. Erich Salling, Prof. dr. Wolfgang Holzgreve, Ass. dr. Zlatibor Lončar, Prof. dr. Nebojša Lalić, Prof. dr. Radan Džodić, Prof. dr. Vesna Kesić, Prof. dr. György Bártfai, Prof. dr. Adolf Lukanovič, Prof. dr. Vesna Ećim Zlojutro, Dr. Vojislav Miketić, Prof. dr. Nebojša Radunović, Prof. dr. Tihomir Vejnović, Prof. dr. Slobodan Arsenijević, Dr. Snežana Raspopović, Prof. dr. Miroslav Kopjar, Dr. Jelka Rajović, Prof. dr. Herman Haller and many others.

In the name of managing board of the association, organizing committee and in my personal name I wish you a warm welcome in guest-friendly and cosmopolitan Belgrade. I am sure that hotel Metropol Palace will be the most adequate place for this meeting. I am also sure that Belgrade will be an excellent host for this International Symposium, which will be successful, especially with your participation in it.

Prof. dr Aleksandar Stefanović
President of the Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Serbia,
Montenegro and Republika Srpska (UGOSCGRS)