ICCA Central European Conversations: Virtual Chapter Meeting (4th Edition)

Sep 8, 2020

After three successful editions of CEC virtual chapter conversations, ICCA Central European Conversations: Virtual Chapter Meeting (4th Edition) will be held on Thursday, 10th September 2020 at 15:00 – 16:10 CET.

ICCA Central European Conversations: Virtual Chapter Meeting (4th Edition)

Topic: Renaissance of business models in the meetings industry

Summary: People tend to use the same business models for decades. But, clients are changing and the business environment is changing. Those that are most proactive and innovative will lead the way to positive change. Did hotels spend time to define new business models? Will convention centers introduce additional values to the market? Is “green” new “white”? Is it true that 93% of our communication is body language? We will try to answer these 3 questions.


  • 15.00 – 15.05 Welcome note, Karina Grützner, CEC Chapter Chair
  • 15.05 – 15.20 Small talk on big new models for hotels. Guest in the studio: Djordje Petrovic, Director of Sales, Mona Plaza Hotel Belgrade Moderator and case studies presenter, Igor Kovacevic, CEC Deputy Chair
  • 15.15 – 15.30 Change is constant - a conference in the year 2030, Thorsten Hilber, Director of Business Development EMEA, Ungerboeck
  • 15.30 – 15.45 Storyteller of the 4th industrial revolution, Guest in the studio: Marko Stojanovic, President, World Mime Association
  • 15.45 – 16.00 Behind the scene of “green” studios with Milos Dimitrijevic, Miross PCO/DMC
  • 16.00 – 16.10 Farewell with Karina and Igor

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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