Terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the use of the Miross D.O.O online presentation via www.miross.rs (hereinafter referred to as the Terms)

The online presentation www.miross.rs (hereinafter referred to as the Location) was launched and has been operated by the Miross D.O.O, headquartered in Belgrade, Majke Jevrosime 19, Republic of Serbia (hereinafter referred to as Miross).

When you first use the Location you will be deemed to have acknowledged, understood and agreed to the Terms. If you do not consent to the Terms, please do not access the Location or use its content. Should you have any queries or questions regarding the Terms, please do not hesitate to direct them to our editorial team (info@miross.rs). The design and content of the Location and the Terms may be altered for certain reasons, and we advise you to regularly review the Terms to make yourself aware of such changes, as you will be deemed to have accepted any alteration if you continue to use the Location.

The Terms cover the following segments:

  • Terms of use
  • Copyright
  • Warranty and disclaimer
  • Alterations and termination

1. Terms of use

Use of content as permitted by the Terms

You may upload and copy notices, materials, forms etc. and review other materials and content on this Location for your own personal use only. It is prohibited to present publicly, transfer, publish, change, reproduce, distribute, participate in distribution or sale, copy, dispatch or use in any other way all or part of the material appearing on the website, as well as to select or adjust the content if not expressly authorised in writing by Miross and/or other copyright owner. If authorised, the existing information referring to copyright and/or intellectual property must not be deleted or changed.

Use for Commercial Purposes

It is prohibited to use these pages for commercial purposes. Except as expressly authorised by Mirros, it is prohibited to publish any advertising material or make a bidding. Publishing obscene, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, threatening, indecent or otherwise unacceptable and illegal content is prohibited. Users accept liability for any damage caused by their activity contrary to the aforesaid, as well as for any other injury thereof. Miross reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete completely or partially the material and content users may publish on their webpages.

Submitting of Content and Material

If you submit content and material to this address, you are granting (or guaranteeing that the owner of the content has explicitly permitted that it be submitted) Miross an irrevocable, perpetual and exclusive worldwide licence to use, adapt, alter or fit into other contributions and translations, publish, transmit and distribute your content in any format and via any media, either now known or hereinafter invented, for any purpose and free of charge. The conditions of this section are enforceable from the moment of delivery of content and will remain in force indefinitely.

2. Copyright

The content of this Location is protected by copyright owned by Miross or a third party that has granted it to Miross. Miross is also authorised to edit, select and adjust content on the Location. The Location contains trademarks, personal names and other intellectual property rights thereto owned by Miross, or third parties that have licenced Miross. You will not consider any content on this Location to be available for unrestricted use. An authorisation may be requested to copy and/or use content.

Images, video and other multimedia content

Miross is the sole owner of all photographs, images, personal details, video and other material appearing on this Location. Miross, and third parties, the Miross partners, own all content and copyright therein. All rights are reserved. The use of the materials may be permitted for publication in newspapers, magazines and electronic media for marketing, editorial and informational purposes only. Any other use of the material appearing on the Miross site is prohibited. Also, the use of any material on the Location is prohibited if related to sale or soliciting the sale of any products or services. A permit for the use of content from this Location, and the manner in which it is permitted to be used, must not be transferred, subcontracted or awarded, and any intentional or attempted transfer, subcontracting or award will be deemed null and void. Media users will accept to respect fully the restrictions, terms and requests herein while using material from this Location.

3. Warranty and Disclaimer

Miross will make a reasonable effort so that accurate and updated information is published on the Location, but is not liable for their accuracy and completeness, allowing no objection thereto. Aside from warranties concerning the services/products Miross has published exclusively, the material and content on the Location are provided “as is” and Miross has no liability with respect to consequences that might arise from a different interpretation of the material and content on the Location. Miross can make no warranty that this Location will be accessible and available at all times, and that it will not contain errors or computer viruses. Every user explicitly and irrevocably agrees that their use of the Location is at their own sole risk, and without any right to object.

Miross is not liable for any damage or injury (including but not limited to special or consequential loss) that might be the result of use or a failure to use any part of this Location or content published on the Location or added to it by other users.

Media subjects and other users using the Location agree to indemnify Miross for any liability, cost, damage or responsibility resulting from their negligent use of material from the Location, including any direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential loss.

Miross and subcontractors will not accept any legal responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of data, devices, products, services or procedures presented herein, and will not make any warranties that the use of information, devices, products, services or procedures will not violate private rights.

Personal Data Protection on the Location

Miross agrees to protect the confidentiality of personal data on the Location, unless a user wants to disclose them voluntarily.

Except for the purposes of a legal investigation, Miross will not allow access to personal data to other parties.

If email correspondence contains personal details that may identify the user, be it an email message with a question or a comment or a form the user is emailing, Miross uses the data only to meet customer demands. Miross reserves the right to send the user’s email to other employees or suppliers who can better respond to the user’s questions/requests. Miross reserves this right in order to protect the interests of the user.

Minors may use content on the Location only with a parent’s consent, i.e. at their own risk.

Miross reserves the right to keep and archive personal details a user has submitted, as well as their website preferences, in order to make contact with the users to inform him/her about requested products and services and to answer any other queries or send notices that are part of the Miross operation and in line with the Miross business policy.

A user may ask Miross in writing to delete and/or update personal data they have submitted or a part thereof. If deleting/updating the user’s personal details partly, Miross reserves the right to delete all the user’s personal details previously stored.

Miross reserves a special right to store for an indefinite period of time personal details of a user if connected to previous services rendered or any other business relationship in the name of the user.

Miross is not liable if a loss of personal data occurred as the consequence of criminal or illegal activities including interception of communication, theft, malicious electronic or physical activities by third parties, and will not be liable for any damage arising from the above, direct or indirect.

Advertising Disclaimer

Mentioning any specific product, procedure or service with a trademark, hallmark or a producer’s name does not necessarily mean that Miross or any of Miross employees or suppliers are advertising, recommending or favouring it.

Disclaimer for External Links

The appearance of hyperlinks does not mean that Miross, its suppliers or sponsors advertise external Internet locations or information, products and services they may contain. Miross or any of its employees, sponsors and suppliers have no control over information the external locations may contain. External links on these pages are in line with the Miross policy, excluding liability for the content of any linked Internet presentation obtained from suppliers. The links may be textual, in the form of a small image, icon or a little picture illustrating the link, rather than advertising a product or a service.

4. Alterations and Termination of Terms of Use

Miross reserves the right to alter or suspend all or any part of this Location or the Terms at all times. The alterations are effective as of the date of publication at this address, or notice to users. The Terms are implemented until terminated by you or Miross. Termination on your part, which is possible at any time, means that you will cease to use the Location and annul all material and content uploaded or used from the same Location.

For any other activities pertaining to the use of Location good business practices and norms will apply, as well as regulations in force.

5. Linguistic Discrepancies

If linguistic discrepancies occur between the Terms of Use in Serbian and in English, the Serbian-language version of the Terms will be used.