Interview for Avio Portal

Mar 13, 2024

Our CEO Miloš gave an interview about the connection between air traffic and congress tourism for this renowned site!

Interview for Avio Portal

We are reposting the entire interview of the author Snežana Tomčić:

Miloš Dimitrijević, general manager of Miross, on the connection between air traffic and congress tourism

For many years, the Miross agency has been synonymous with the travel and event industry in this area.

Miross has earned the company of the best in this field through many years of good organization and constant improvement, which has built a reputation as a reliable partner with whom it is always pleasant to cooperate and whose experience you can always rely on.

Due to all of the above, it was our honor and pleasure to end the year with a conversation with Miloš Dimitrijević, general manager of the Miross agency, and briefly hear a little more about the view of aviation from the Miross agency's point of view.

How was the year 2023 for Miross?

This year we had a challenging period after the pandemic and other turbulent events in the world that affect us all, especially our industry. The normalization of air ticket sales is still ongoing. With the development of new distribution channels (NDC) as well as various other tools that airlines offer to direct users, there were complications in the sale of airline tickets as well as in the monitoring of sales because we tried to enable our customers to purchase through all available channels. Officials in the aviation sector should have gone through a lot of training and we are still in some pilot projects of various technology companies that are fighting for supremacy in the air ticket sales market. We expect the situation to normalize in the coming year.

In other fields, we achieved all the set goals, but there were also challenges, especially in the field of event organization, because the client's requests arrived at the last moment, and were more complex than in the period before the pandemic. However, it seems to us that the situation is slowly stabilizing there as well, and that we will have a more stable situation starting next year.

Can you give your expert opinion on the connection between aviation and convention tourism?

There is a clear and important connection between air traffic and congress tourism. All airlines and global alliances have been developing and offering tools for the event segment for many years. With the development of new lines, Air Serbia has become the company that is best connected with European countries and thus put Serbia back on the map of world events. With this move, Serbia as a destination became extremely interesting for the organizers of international events, so now it is not only our desire to bring as many events as possible, but also the desire of the organizers to come to our destination, which puts us in an extremely favorable situation. Also, many companies such as Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa group and all others offer international event organizers very favorable conditions if they choose their company as the official event company.

The events industry, and especially the industry of international congresses, brings great benefits for the destination itself and the country where the event is taking place, where congress delegates have proven to be the best consumers. For them, the rule is that they return to the destination and give recommendations that later encourage the development of classic tourism.

Do you think that Montenegro should extend the tourist season? When, in your opinion, could it start and when should it end in order to use the potential for the tourism congress?

Montenegro has always had significant potential for any type of tourism, but the season has always been from July 15 to August 15, and that is a really short period. The season should be expanded with a serious strategy of bringing international events, using the connection with Air Serbia and Belgrade, and promote Montenegro as a new destination that already has the capacity to organize international events for up to 1000 people.

For a long time, we have been trying with TOCG and PKCG to start the industry and in this way strengthen the tourism potential of Montenegro. An example of such an event is the international aviation conference IFATSEA ERM 2023, where we and the organizers combined aviation profession and tourism in the best way.

What are your expectations for the coming year?

We hope for stabilization in all segments of our business, by establishing new clear standards in the world tourism industry. What was particularly challenging were different sales channels that are constantly changing, inflexible hotel policies due to high demand after the corona virus pandemic and a large number of technological innovations, but we are sure that in the coming year things will stabilize in our industry.

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