Miross at MARRIOTT EXCHANGE in Budapest

Apr 15, 2024

We had the privilege of being the only agency from the region to participate in this prestigious event!

Miross at MARRIOTT EXCHANGE in Budapest

This interesting event by Marriott International is intended for their business partners with the best sales results and is divided into 3 segments:

       1. Workshops, lectures and exhibitions:

The first and introductory part was a lecture on the development of destinations at the airport in Budapest and the new strategies that Hungary is leading in the field of tourism and congress tourism. Then came a very interesting part because it included an inspection visit to the Autobigraph Budapest Hotel, really luxurious and classy where there was a task for everyone to take a selfie.Gala dinner and raffle were held at the end!

       2. Trends in tourism:

With a special focus on the use of AI and digital platforms, where we introduced our Miross Live platform.

       3. Networking:

The event provided an excellent opportunity to network with other industry professionals, make new business connections, and share experiences. It was agreed to do a workshop specially for Miross by MARRIOTT.

We would like to thank Marriott International for this great honor!

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